Kratki Titan Glass


The Kratki Titan Glass is a freestanding, wood-burning fireplace with a modern finish. It features a large, rectangular design with black glass panels above and below the door, and a very elegant handle design. It’s manufactured out of 4 mm steel and comes with improved strength and performance due to heat-intensifying ceramic TERMOTEC lining the combustion chamber. These heat-intensifying ceramics drastically increase the heat output of the fireplace.

The Titan Glass comes with Tertiary combustion. Primary air is directed to the grate; Secondary air is supplied via the holes located in the back wall and there is an air wash system for keeping the glass cleaner for longer. Tertiary combustion combined with a top chamber deflector extends the exhaust path and increases the burning efficiency, which guarantees better use of fuel and minimizes harmful emissions. It comfortably burns 35cm logs and it has a removable ash pan and grate allowing for an easy clean.

There is an optional external air inlet for connecting to an external air source.  The excellent tightness of the combustion stove also makes it suitable for use in houses with recuperation.

The Titan Glass complies with EU Eco-Design criteria and with the German BlmSchv 2 standards for lowering Co2 emissions.


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41.9 × 53 × 113.7 cm

Flue Size

150 mm